Death by Machete Mob

Death by Machete Mob

Refugee Essien Zacharie lives in a refugee center in N’Djamena, Chad. He lost his wife and son. They were killed by anti-Balaka militias in a reign of terror that has triggered a massive displacement of the Muslim population from Central African Republic.

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Ethnic Cleansing in Central African Republic

On the 20th anniversary of Rwanda’s genocide, the international community said never again. Well, it’s happening again on our watch as a minority Muslim population and sympathetic Christians have been hacked to death, burned alive, and in some cases, eaten. This not a tale of bestiality but bad politics and Islamophobia in the heart of Africa.

Day Five of reporting from Chad, host country for almost 200,000 refugees fleeing persecution in neighboring Central African Republic. Please stay tuned for videos, photos and radio interview with UN organizations, civil society, government, and refugees in resettlement centers in N’Djamena and refugee camps in southern Chad and eastern Cameroon.

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Mukhtar in Hong Kong

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Princesse Philo videos

Do you know Cameroun? Stop Corruption.

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Princesse Philo

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Africa is Booming

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Why Small, Medium Businesses Should Invest in Africa

Here’s an interview that I facilitated with Black Enterprise.


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